Ann Christy

Art, COVID and Our Story Now

Ann Christy_1_for web

Lemon Cordial

photograph, unframed

60.00 $

Ann Christy_2_for web

Clean. Clean. Clean.

photograph, unframed

60.00 A$

Ann Christy_3_for web

Getting Ready

photograph, unframed

60.00 A$

Under $100 Box

All work from the Under $100 Box is sold unframed.

Barmah Forest

pencil, 480x335mm

70.00 A$

Lone Tree

watercolour, 350x300mm

40.00 A$

Marble Bag

watercolour, 420x300mm

75.00 A$

Murray River, Barmah

pencil, 380x510mm

70.00 A$


watercolour, 455x335mm

80.00 A$

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo 2017

graphite on paper, 297x420mm, unframed

80.00 A$

Yambuna Forest

photograph, 455x340mm

50.00 A$

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