A collection of videos to showcase our workshops, performances, and other events

3 March 2023

On 3 March 2023, The G.R.A.I.N. Store held their annual PPP night, but this time with a multicultural twist. Performers were asked to perform a song or poem from a different culture, or in a language other than English.

26 August 2022 – Carter & Carter Host SMOTA

13 May 2022 – Purple and Gold Exhibition Opening

A conversation with curator Carmel Mills, and locals Paul Congues and Fiona Byrnes about the words “Purple and Gold” mean.

6 May 2022 – Short Films “Red Carpet Event”

10 local people studied years of film making in 3 days. On May 6 2022, they invited their friends and family to watch each other’s short films.

9 April 2022 – Broken Creek Choir Workshop and Album Launch “Small Town Anthropologies”

Erin and Lachlan Heycox of folk duo Broken Creek, hosted a choir workshop to pair with their album launch “Small Town Anthropologies”. The workshop was in the afternoon, then in the evening the duet performed, featuring the choir in 2 different songs.

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