Come and join Jens Altheimer – artist, tinkerer and deliverer of creative endeavours at The G.R.A.I.N. Store to help him construct some local nocturnal creatures to contribute to his upcoming exhibition in February.

Book by clicking the link below:
Thursday 21st January, 1pm – 3pm (kids session)
Thursday 21st January, 6pm – 8pm (adults and older kids session)

After working so beautifully with students from Nathalia Primary School and some adult members of our community via Zoom in 2020, Jens has woven the ideas and creatures already made into an exhibition to be launched in the front gallery in February. We would love for more of the community of all ages and abilities to get involved with the development of this magical tinker space that will be inhabited by kinetic sculptures.

Wunderkammer will be a chamber of wonders, tripling as installation, mechanical performance and improbable storyteller. It allures the visitors to participate in an interactive exhibition experience full of playful contraptions that are part of unusual stage performances by Jens Altheimer. Their design is a mix between old mechanisms, and transformed everyday objects. With a hint of tongue-in-cheek digital technology thrown into the mix. The exhibition is an immersive, playful and multi- sensory experience for audiences of all ages in the intersection of art, technology, communication and tinkering.



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