Online workshop:
Introduction to shadow puppetry with Jens Altheimer

Saturday 2nd May
10.30 – 11.30am
Tuesday 5th May
10.30 – 11.30am

COST: FREE, but please register by email

Don’t let your creative juices dry out during this time of separation – bump up your puppet skills instead! Join us in 2 x one hour sessions for an introduction to shadow puppetry. Hear a bit of the story and theory of shadow puppetry and then get your hands busy by inventing and creating nocturnal animal puppets. Invent the magic place where they live and animate a small adventure they have. No drawing skills? Never mind, we can download images. No access to materials?
I believe all you need you can find in your house. Tickle your creative bone, and join Jens and The G.R.A.I.N. Store team in this online meeting.
For my info on Jens:

Materials List

  • card stock (cardboard sheets that are easy to cut – a cereal box would do)
  • white paper to draw on
  • pencils or pen, visible on your cardboard
  • masking tape or clear sticky tape
  • bamboo skewer or similar
  • something to make holes in cardboard (hole punch, pointy something)
  • brass paper fasteners / split pins (fine if you don’t have any)
  • cutting knife / stanley knife / utility knife
  • scissors

For the theatre construction: (optional)

  • cardboard box, around 60 x 60 x 60 cm
  • baking paper or big paper sheets or thin sheet of (white-ish) fabric
  • torch

For the backgrounds: (optional)

  • household objects that have an interesting shine through shape, like sieves, combs etc.
  • fabrics with some interesting shine through pattern
  • acrylic sheets
  • coloured cellophane
  • string
  • whiteboard markers 

To make things easier (optional):

  • board to cut on
  • ruler
  • square

Look what I made!

Monday 11th – Friday 15th May
1pm each day • duration: 15min
online – via Zoom

With the onslaught of arts and crafts suggestions for your kids to do while we’re all staying home, I’m sure they’ve created something they’re proud of. We’re hosting a daily lunch time catch up for a week via Zoom for the kids to show each other what they’ve been creating at home. This might be a drawing, painting, collage, sculpture or something in the garden.

You might just want to silently show us your work when it’s your turn, or you might want to tell us a little bit about the work and the process. Kristen will lead the way and give everyone an opportunity to take part.

This is for kids of all ages, but if we get a lot of responses, we’ll divide people into age groups. If you’d like to take part, email Kristen at with your child/children’s age and we will send you the Zoom link a couple of hours before the event. Looking forward to seeing you on the screen!

pictured: Paddy Melon Lanterns made by Hamish.

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