Art, COVID and Our Story Now
29th August – 10th October

An exhibition that tells photographic stories of Nathalia’s experience of a global pandemic. The Show is curated by Liz Arcus and involving 21 local photographers.

The official opening is available to watch back in two parts below.

27th June – 22nd August

In partnership with Kaiela Arts, The G.R.A.I.N. Store hosts an exhibition of work from local and locally connected Aboriginal artists. As the title suggests, the work explores the significance of this year’s NAIDOC theme – Always Was, Always Will Be and what that statement means to each of the artists. Come in and check out the beautiful show – we are now open Thursday – Saturday 11am – 4pm.

Online opening event
Thursday 2nd July, 5pm
Online live streamed opening event for Always Was, Always Will Be

Bright Art in Grey Times

16th May – 20th June 2020 (in the window)

Online live streamed opening event
Sunday 17th May, 2pm

Art can offer up elements of the sublime that are beyond the possibilities of our physical world. It can afford the viewer a moment to oneself in which to reflect, to delve, to wander in and out of the depths and troughs of both the conscious and subconscious imagination. The G.R.A.I.N. Store hopes Bright Art in Grey Times provides the opportunity for viewers to experience some of the sublime on the streets of Nathalia as well as here on the website. You can experience the work online from Wednesday 19th May here.

A recorded version of the live streamed opening is available below.


28 March – 2 May 2020 (in the window)

Online live streamed opening event
Thursday 2nd April, 6.30pm
(embedded below to watch back)

Kids offer up unique and exciting perspectives on adult concepts when given the opportunity and the work you see in this exhibition shows some great examples of that. We put the question “what happens at night?” to some of our youngest artists and this is how they responded.

The children from Nathalia Pre-School had already been learning about nocturnal animals, but they also created some beautiful drawings of their own experiences at night in their homes. Nathalia Community Early Learning Centre children read the book Night Noises by Mem Fox to start their thinking process, then they listened with their eyes closed in bed and drew what they heard. The work from Barmah Kindergarten and Occasional Care explores colours, patterns and textures associated with night time, showing really interesting use of a wide range of materials and media. A discussion around the things that might happen at night while you are asleep prompted the children from Tallygaroopna Children’s Centre to create a broad range of solutions to the theme.

The theme for NADDCO’s Bardi Gras this year is ‘Nocturnal Creatures’ so we explored a complimentary and broader theme of ‘what happens at night’ for the work you see on display here. This is not the first time The G.R.A.I.N. Store has displayed young artist’s work on these fridge doors. In 2012, an exhibition called Kidz Fridge Art was on display (again in collaboration with NADCCO’s Bardi Gras) inside the gallery. We hope that this mode of artwork display helps parents who may be home with their children a little longer than average at this time come up with some ideas on creatively getting through this time together.


13 February – 21 March 2020

Opening: Thursday 20th February, 11am

When Bethan McKay from Moira Shire came to The G.R.A.I.N. Store with the idea to work with artists to create colouring sheets from their work, we knew there were some key local artists with a passion for their environment and in particular the creatures that live in it that would be keen to be involved. Ann, Mel, Joan and Aunty Rochelle provided work to be adapted digitally by Ruby, which you can see the results of in her transitional piece in Gallery 2. Over the years, The G.R.A.I.N. Store team has worked very hard on developing a relationship with these locals, which means we are able to collaborate on projects such as that and the community benefits from the vast knowledge they bring to their work, but also to the deep conversations had while developing the project.

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